I ❤ the New York Public Library.

Homes with floor to ceiling bookshelves are wonderful for me to look at and be in, but for my own place... not so much. I prefer a more open, less cluttered approach. Also, I am not fond of dusting. That's a BIG part of the reason I have only a few shelves of books. I keep beautiful coffee table books with gorgeous pictures, cookbooks, signed copies of books by beloved authors, art books, and some random books I can't seem to part with. That's not much for a person who enjoys reading and I certainly do! I also happen to like reading books, as in actual books.

And guess what! The library lets you borrow them for free. All the time. You can even reserve them online and have them delivered to your local branch. They e-mail you an alert when the book(s) are ready to be picked up. The NYPL rocks. Seriously.

There was one book I was interested in, but it was only available at the main branch, a.k.a. The Stephen A. Schwarzman Building, a.k.a. the gorgeous Beaux-Arts building on 42nd & Fifth with the lions in front.

So off I went in search of my book. I forgot how stunning the main branch is inside. Here is a little peek...

By the way, the lions are named Patience and Fortitude.