Bathroom - Part 4... the finale.

Done! Well, almost. I still need to paint the heating pole, buy a shower curtain, lightbulbs for the fixture above the vanity, and a few more little things, but all in all, done. I love it! The trim tile is made up of small rectangles of marble that when placed vertically almost read as a zebra pattern from far away.

Just a heads up, that in my excitement, I took these photos before cleaning the space so ignore the smudges on the bath fixtures. Speaking of said bath fixtures, they are so blocky and perfect.

What do you think?

In case anyone is interested in where I some of this stuff is from...

  • Sink, sink fixtures & vanity: Ikea
  • Tub: Bootzcast from Home Depot
  • Tub fixtures: Moen
  • Toilet: Fresca
  • Tiles: Tiles by Kia
  • Ceiling light fixture: Ikea
  • Vanity light fixture: Metro Park
  • Towel Holder (above door): Ikea
  • Paint: Wheat Bread by Behr