Circle Line

I once told my mom about the Circle Line. In case you are not familiar with the Circle Line, it is a tour boat that goes all around the island of Manhattan. It is wonderful to be out on the water and the view is spectacular. Well my mother has said she wants to go and yesterday was her birthday so off we went!

I took a ton of pictures... 146 to be exact. Oy! Here are seven of my favorites.

Clockwise around pic of the Circle Line boat from the top left:

  • The Governors Island Ferry Terminal. So colorful and pretty! 
  • The State of Liberty. No words needed.
  • The Empire State Building framed by two buildings that are no way near as lovely. 
  • Pepsi-Cola sign. I have a love for logos, signage and Queens. 
  • Domino Sugar. Yet another Brooklyn factory that will be turned into luxury housing. Though living there would be sweet. Pun very much intended. 
  • What appears to be a mini cooper that is able to function on the water. Seriously. David the guide says it costs approximately $60,000 to outfit a vehicle to be able to sail. How crazy is that? 

Going around Manhattan reminds of a book I purchased awhile ago. I saw it in a bookstore upstate and fell in love with it. See the City: The Journey of Manhattan Unfurled by Matteo Pericoli, is an illustrated book of the Manhattan skyline from the outside just as you would see it from the Circle Line. He actually did a twenty-four-foot-long drawing. For this book he broke it up so you just turn the page to continue along the island. First you see the East Side and then you flip the book to the other side to see the West Side. It is amazing. Here is an image of the book from Matteo Pericoli's website.