Apple Fifth Avenue Store

Its after midnight and I just got back from the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue. Have you seen that store? Its gorgeous! A big glass cube that you walk into and either take the see through elevator or walk down the see through stairs. Very cool. And they are open 24/7. So good!

I went to take care of some laptop issues. Everything is fine, thankfully.

So here is the lesson of the day. ALWAYS BACK UP YOUR DATA. I cannot stress this enough. I almost lost all my data once a few years ago. It was traumatic. Which may sound silly, till you realize that I had a ton of work files and invoices on there. I was fortunate to get almost everything back. Sadly some of my songs on iTunes were screwed up. I'm looking at you Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls! So now I am all about my LaCie external drive. 

Image found  here . 

Image found here

In case your all... Iris what? Goo Goo Dolls what?  Here is a video to refresh your memory.