A few of my favorite things.

As Julie Andrews sang, here are a few of my favorite things...

Favorite thing #1I have a ton of spices, but I keep three of them in the super pretty jars a friend gifted me. I love them!

Favorite thing #2Said jars have chalkboard labels. I kept looking for chalk to buy that wasn't enormous, but most of what I saw was for children. Apparently children are all about the giant chalk. I found the perfect dainty chalk at Crate & Barrel. No matter how lovely the chalk is though, nothing can help my poor penmanship as evidenced below.

Favorite thing #3: My new sneakers! I wanted something super comfy for all the walking I do, but aesthetics are important. I was looking for something that felt sporty, but didn't look like I was about to go running. I present you with my Adidas!

When you read "my Adidas", did your mind go straight to Run-D.M.C.? Mine sure did!