I ❤ Chickens

Sprout by Design will be finishing up their project in Long Island City by Monday. As I can only help out on Tuesdays, I think today was my last day unless my schedule unexpectedly opens up. I hope you enjoy some pictures from today.

Look how far the greenhouse has come! One full wall with a window is up. The opposite wall is a third of the way done and it will have a window and a door soon.

Here are the Sprout peeps....

• Ilona and Nadge • Cisco • Nadge and Ilona •

This tomato is so beautiful, it was begging to be photographed.  I wasn't sure what the plant in the second image is till Ilona said to rub the leaves to release the scent. It is one of my favorite scents, lemon verbena.

Ilona said I may have whatever eggs the chickens lay today. When I arrived a little after 8am, there were 2 eggs. By the time I left there were 3. How often do people living in NYC get to have such fresh eggs? I feel super lucky! 

I wasted no time in cooking them up with some arugula and feta. I placed the scrambled goodness on a bed of veggies I had made the other day and added a side of crusty bread drizzled with olive oil. A perfect dinner!