Volunteering with Sprout by Design

Today was one of those days where I got to do a bunch of stuff I never did before. It all started when I got to volunteer with Sprout by Design!

  • I got to use a power drill. I know most people will think this is no big deal, but what can I say... I never did it before!
  • I sanded with a belt sander.
  • I learned how to operate a circular saw.

It was great to help out, especially since Ilona was such a patient teacher! She also gave me a great tour of the school garden. There were string beans, tomatoes, basil, lavender, lemon verbena, cilantro... I'm sure I'm leaving something out. Each grade in the elementary school had an area of its own

Nadje Maguehi, who works for Sprout by Design, kindly helped me out when I had to cut out a metal bit sticking out of the reclaimed wood I was about to sand. He demonstrated how to do it and then asked me if I'd like to try. The second I saw the sparks flying from the power metal cutting thing (I'm so knowledgable, clearly!), I was all.... No thank you! Yeah, I'm that chicken.

• Ilona with the chickens! • Me sanding •
• Nadge • Check out that stringbean •

Speaking of chicken.... I think my favorite part of the school garden was the chickens. CHICKENS!

They were all hens and each laid a beautiful egg. Ilona let me hold an egg and it was still warm! 

One hen was wearing a denim cape. Seriously. A denim cape. It wasn't just a fashion accessory. The cape was covering her back that was pecked. This hen was literally hen pecked!  She has to wear it till her feathers come back. Doesn't she look FABULOUS?!?!?!

• Here are images of the hens, their eggs and of course the cape! •

Of course, the second I saw the chickens my mind went straight to the Saturday Night Live skit where Andy Samberg imitates Mark Whalberg. Brilliant!