Sprout By Design

Today I biked to Queens to visit family. On the way back I passed a greenhouse being built in a schoolyard in L.I.C. I stopped my bicycle and turned right around to check it out. You see, I have a dream. Well, I have several dreams. This particular dream is to own a house with a strong enough roof to support a greenhouse. I want to be one of those urban farmers. Seriously, how amazing would it be to grow your own vegetables?

I stopped in front of the school gate to read the sign and I was greeted by Ilona de Jongh. She is one of those people who gives off a ton of good energy and the more you talk to her, the more you like her. Her company, Sprout By Design, uses the garden as a practical tool to educate about the food source, healthy eating, green economy and about parts of the school curriculum like math and science (units, measurement, statistics etc). I got that from her website, www.sproutbydesign.com. If you check out her site, you will see she does a whole lot more. I'm so not kidding. She is brilliant.

So where did this dream come from? I saw a video of TED speaker, Stephen Ritz. It blew my mind! He is an innovative teacher in the South Bronx.

I mention this to Ilona and she knew right away what I was talking about and has hired a student of Stephen Ritz. 

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Here is the video I saw of Stephen Ritz....