Post No Bills.

CMYK-58 Street.jpg

Post No Bills.

Every designer says it. You are your worst client. Designing for yourself is the hardest thing you will ever do.

I uploaded examples of my design and layout work. Moved the images around (and will probably do so again about a billion times).  Uploaded my logo which I designed a few years ago and am still happy with. Staying power! Woooo! Now comes the hard part. The "About" section and my homepage image.

I wanted something strong, graphic, colorful. I started messing around with photos I've taken over the years. I posterized. I colorized. I saturized. Wait.... that's not a word! I saturated. That's better.

Then I stepped away from the laptop.  I find that sometimes this does wonders. I went for a walk. This also does wonders. And what do I see? Yeah, the above image of concert playbills pasted on a black wall on 58th Street. The fact that they happen to be black, cyan, magenta and yellow was majorly serendipitous.

Thank you random awesomeness. You made my homepage exactly what I want it to be.