Autumn in NY

October is my favorite month and autumn is my favorite season.

I am lucky to have grown up with a mother who loves to drive. In October she would pack us all into the car (me & my two sisters) and drive us upstate to see the fall foliage. Let me tell you, NY state in autumn is beyond pretty. It is absolutely stunning!

According to the I ❤ NY fall foliage map below, we are not quite there yet, unless you are way, way upstate. Here in NYC we call Westchester upstate.

My mother generally took us up to Bear Mountain and the Catskills.

The image below reminds me of those car trips. On the way up I would look out the window and the trees looked like puff balls of intense color for miles upon miles.

Bear Mountain Bridge across the Hudson, with fall colors, New York.  © Jake Rajs 2009 

I believe all our little trips upstate or out to Long Island saved my mother's sanity. Getting out of NYC for a little while made up for the endless search for parking on our block.

The words, "alternate side of the street parking rules are suspended" are magic words!