I ❤ the New York Public Library.

Homes with floor to ceiling bookshelves are wonderful for me to look at and be in, but for my own place... not so much. I prefer a more open, less cluttered approach. Also, I am not fond of dusting. That's a BIG part of the reason I have only a few shelves of books. I keep beautiful coffee table books with gorgeous pictures, cookbooks, signed copies of books by beloved authors, art books, and some random books I can't seem to part with. That's not much for a person who enjoys reading and I certainly do! I also happen to like reading books, as in actual books.

And guess what! The library lets you borrow them for free. All the time. You can even reserve them online and have them delivered to your local branch. They e-mail you an alert when the book(s) are ready to be picked up. The NYPL rocks. Seriously.

There was one book I was interested in, but it was only available at the main branch, a.k.a. The Stephen A. Schwarzman Building, a.k.a. the gorgeous Beaux-Arts building on 42nd & Fifth with the lions in front.

So off I went in search of my book. I forgot how stunning the main branch is inside. Here is a little peek...

By the way, the lions are named Patience and Fortitude.

Scottish Day Parade

Earlier in April I ran into a parade. There are lots of street fairs and parades in NYC so running into one is not particularly surprising.

Well I rounded a corner and ran into groups of people waiting to march up the Avenue of the Americas for the Scottish Day Parade. So fun! I happen to love the sound of the bagpipes, men in kilts and cute dogs. Of course the Scottish Day Parade parade had all three.




I ran across this gif on the internet today. Its just so random.


Happy Valentine's Day!

In honor of Valentine's Day I am posting some pink logos. Pink is a color that is not used nearly enough. Red, the other color associated with Valentine's Day, is used much more due to its association with strength. Pink on the other hand is soft and feminine, or bold and energetic. The London Olympics 2012 logo is all about energy!


Bathroom - Part 4... the finale.

Done! Well, almost. I still need to paint the heating pole, buy a shower curtain, lightbulbs for the fixture above the vanity, and a few more little things, but all in all, done. I love it! The trim tile is made up of small rectangles of marble that when placed vertically almost read as a zebra pattern from far away.

Just a heads up, that in my excitement, I took these photos before cleaning the space so ignore the smudges on the bath fixtures. Speaking of said bath fixtures, they are so blocky and perfect.

What do you think?

In case anyone is interested in where I some of this stuff is from...

  • Sink, sink fixtures & vanity: Ikea
  • Tub: Bootzcast from Home Depot
  • Tub fixtures: Moen
  • Toilet: Fresca
  • Tiles: Tiles by Kia
  • Ceiling light fixture: Ikea
  • Vanity light fixture: Metro Park
  • Towel Holder (above door): Ikea
  • Paint: Wheat Bread by Behr

Bathroom - Part 3

Things are definitely moving along! The tub, sink and toilet are in. I am so excited that someday soon I will be able to shower at home again!

In other news, I have a cold that is kicking my tush. I think I am going to spend the weekend under the covers sipping tea till this clears up. Hope everyone is staying warm despite the seriously cold weather!

Bathroom - Part 2

Progress also known as demolition. Kind of scary looking! On the upside, I've been working out more just to go to the gym and use their shower. That would be one way to get those New Year's resolutions going!

Bathroom - Part 1

Calling this post bathroom "Part 1" because I am sure there will be at least 3 parts to this. I am renovating my bathroom! This is huge to me. It sounded like fun, but its actually a bit stressful. I've never undertaken such a project. I've always rented. Decorating was all about furniture placement and choosing colors. That's fun and not the least bit stressful! If you choose the wrong pillow, just return it and get something else. If you choose the wrong tile, what are you going to do? You can't just take it down and return it.

Let's begin with some "Before" pictures.

I have a small bathroom. Its about 5' x 8'. The tile is not my style, but it was there. I don't like that it goes all the way up to the ceiling all around the room. I am also not fond of how wavy the wall is. You can see the waviness in the bottom right hand image.

Tomorrow I will post some images of our progress. Oh and by "our" I mean the two talented gentlemen who are actually doing the renovations.

I picked out and ordered everything and I have been to Home Depot more times than I care to admit. I've been told to get an Amazon Prime account and I have to agree. Its pretty great to get free 2 day shipping for a month!